Patient Reviews for Dr. Scott Ohmart

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  • Dianna Vavrik
    Posted 4/13/2018

    Provides information through every step of the process.

  • Awesome ortho!
    Posted 4/07/2018

    Very friendly staff, Dr. Ohmart takes the time to acknowledge the parent of the patient, which is nice! I would highly recommend this office. Great experience!

  • Mary Karr
    Posted 3/16/2018

    Ohmart Orthodontics provided my daughter a fantastic experience with orthodontic care. The staff was always efficient and encouraging. While my daughter was pleased with her care, she is extremely excited to show off her new smile!! Thank you!!

  • Great team , very friendly .
    Posted 3/01/2018

    No waiting time for your appointments were great. Finding time to take braces off early was awesome.

  • T.H.
    Posted 2/10/2018

    Had a great experience with the friendly staff and great dentists.

  • J. Hubbard
    Posted 12/07/2017

    We felt the doctor was always monitoring our daughter’s progress.

  • Excellent Care
    Posted 12/01/2017

    Excellent, seamless care provided. Highly recommend!

  • E.L.
    Posted 11/10/2017

    Everyone is so friendly in the office and always on time.

  • Leslie Elmer
    Posted 11/04/2017

    Great service, and most importantly great communication.

  • M.D.S.
    Posted 10/21/2017

    We did not realize how relatively easy this whole process could be until we started here.

  • Julie M.
    Posted 10/06/2017

    The team at Ohmart has been amazing for both of my girls!

  • Fabulous experience!
    Posted 9/22/2017

    Such a wonderful experience!! Great service, communication, and patience with kids. Made it fun too!

  • *****
    Posted 9/01/2017

    This is our 6th child to be treated by dr Ohmart! That should say it all:).

  • A.K.B.
    Posted 8/23/2017

    Doctor Ohmart is very pleasant and truly seems to care about his patients.

  • L. Lane
    Posted 8/14/2017

    The whole experience from start to finish was easy. It was an excellent experiance!

  • Best Orthodontist in Littleton
    Posted 8/14/2017

    Incredible service every time! Caring and knowledgeable. I would recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a great orthodontist with exceptional staff. A+. Thank you so much!

  • Julie freie
    Posted 8/12/2017

    Very friendly helpful and always willing to be flexible and work with us.

  • L.M.
    Posted 8/08/2017

    Excellent results with both of my sons braces treatments, very comfortable waiting area as well!

  • L.A.C.
    Posted 6/17/2017

    Always understanding and great with my sensitive son.

  • Susan McCoy
    Posted 6/01/2017

    We have enjoyed working with both doctors and feel confident with both of them. The office staffs and orthodontic assistants are top notch and have taken great care of my children. The entire orthodontist experience has been wonderful.

  • Susan K
    Posted 5/25/2017

    Dr. Ohmart and his team have been great. They always kept me abreast of the treatment progress at each visit. Appointment times were started promptly and they were always willing to work with our schedule. Dr. Ohmart worked with our pediatric dentist and our second opinion dentist whenever we had a question or change of treatment course. I highly recommend.

  • Elizabeth B
    Posted 5/13/2017

    Dr Ohmart was absolutely fantastic with my daughter! I highly recommend him!

  • Beth C.
    Posted 4/27/2017

    We have always had personable, knowledgeable, and friendly service at Dr. Ohmart’s office.

  • J.M.
    Posted 4/21/2017

    We loved Dr. Ohmart. He and his staff could not have been more friendly, helpful, exceptional!

  • J.K.
    Posted 4/07/2017

    Very knowledgeable,always explained everything.staff very friendly

  • Great Orthodontist
    Posted 3/22/2017

    We have had a very positive experience with this office! The staff has been awesome! They are welcoming, friendly and are good at communicating each and every stage of treatment. We have seen both Dr. Ohmart and Dr. Bebe and they have been great! My daughter followed the instructions she was given to the letter and she breezed right through it.

  • Best in town
    Posted 3/18/2017

    My daughter had a wonderful experience with Ohmart. Affordable without giving up anything for the the price.

  • Troy Blanchard
    Posted 3/10/2017

    Dr Ohmart and his staff are exceptional! They make you feel like family. We would definitely recommend them to everyone we know.

  • Ohmart Orthodontics Rocks!!
    Posted 3/04/2017

    Excellent. I really liked that Dr. Ohmart had us come in for 3 or 4 visits to look at my daughter before he did any work on her. He said she wasn’t ready and her bite might correct itself. We were never charged for those visits. It made me trust that he was only going to work on her if she really needed it. That trust is crucial and not easy to gain, and I trust Dr. Ohmart with my daughter’s teeth. The staff was always kind, professional and happy. It’s nice to come to a Dr’s office where it’s evident people enjoy working. I recommend Ohmart Orthodontics all the time.

  • Jenny R.
    Posted 2/04/2017

    We have been very happy with every aspect of our experience at Ohmart Orthodontics. The staff is very professional, knowledgable and friendly.

  • C. Sampson
    Posted 2/01/2017

    The staff at Ohmart’s were very kind and attentive throughout the entire process. Whenever I had any questions, they could be answered while at an appointment or over the phone. I knew that I would be worked with to reach the best result. I would happily recommend Ohmart’s to anyone that was in need of an orthodontist. Other patients should know that this process is different for everyone but will be easy thanks to the great effort put in by the staff.

  • Sam Hatz
    Posted 1/28/2017

    The doctors and staff have always been extremely helpful and acted in the most professional manner. This has been a very easy process thanks to the whole staff.

  • B.T.C.
    Posted 1/14/2017

    The staff here is excellent. And they are understanding of patients and appointments when life gets in the way.

  • Jennifer
    Posted 12/10/2016

    Thank you for being flexible and always polite. All 3 kids enjoy Dr.Ohmart and his staff. Thank you.

  • C.W.
    Posted 12/08/2016

    i was honestly worried coming to a orthodontist I had not much info about but every time I would come back they made me feel safe and at home they treated me very good and with respect in the end I could not of asked for anything better!

  • M.K.S.
    Posted 12/02/2016

    Dr. Ohmart is the best! He kept me informed through the entire process of my daughters braces and she now has a perfect smile! His staff is excellent too, they are patient and friendly.

  • Very Happy with Ohmart Orthodontics!
    Posted 11/09/2016

    We have been very happy with our experience here at Ohmart! Everyone has been very helpful in keeping Grace on track with her braces and what she needed to do to get them off in a timely manner. Everyone was so nice and professional!

  • Great practice! Quality orthodontist!
    Posted 11/02/2016

    Dr. Ohmart has been a pleasure to work with. He is always upbeat and patient with both my children.

  • C. Speier
    Posted 10/28/2016

    Ohmart and his staff are all great people to work with.

  • L.K.S.
    Posted 9/21/2016

    I felt very confident that I was receiving the best of care from Dr. Ohmart.

  • J.S.K.
    Posted 9/10/2016

    Everything went really well. I cannot think of anything I would change.

  • Sheri
    Posted 8/25/2016

    Dr. Ohmart is exceptional with kids. He is positive and funny – which keeps the parents entertained too!

  • Great experience
    Posted 8/11/2016

    Should have considered more aggressive measures to close a gap earler.

  • M.P.
    Posted 8/03/2016

    Dr. Ohmart is very personable and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend Ohmart Orthodontics.

  • A.M.M.
    Posted 7/21/2016

    I adore dr Ohmart. He has treated all four of my children with braces.

  • Jo Bullinger
    Posted 7/21/2016

    Dr. Ohmart is wonderful. He is very kind and put my daughter at ease.

  • Highly recommended
    Posted 7/15/2016

    This office is always accomidating, professional and always friendly!

  • A.L.L.
    Posted 7/13/2016

    Dr Ohmart is wonderful. My daughter’s smile is beautiful. We just wished we would have found Dr Ohmart when our other daughter had her braces. There is a Orthodontic who just put braces on and run though the mill. Dr Ohmart takes the time and make sure the treatment is on track. Then adjusts the plan if needed and explains in full detail. We have told all our friends this is Dr to see. Thank you Dr Ohmart and his excellent staff.

  • Excellent place
    Posted 6/02/2016

    Staff and Dr went above and beyond to help me with my TMJ. Tina is the best,

  • Riley
    Posted 5/24/2016

    My doctors were always very quick and gentle during appointments.

  • Becky W.
    Posted 5/13/2016

    Dr. Ohmart and staff are always very friendly and welcoming.

  • T.R.M.
    Posted 5/04/2016

    We have had a great experience at Ohmart Orthodontics. The kids like the office extras (games and movies) and we are always seen promptly and treated in a friendly, professional manner.

  • Top Notch Orthodontist
    Posted 4/23/2016

    Dr. Ohmart is great! He Cares for my children like his own. He Is always making us laugh at each appointment. I’M so thankful our family picked him for our orthodontic care.

  • Amazing overall experience
    Posted 4/12/2016

    Great consultations, very helpful and focused on our needs/wants.

  • Ohmart orthodontics is wonderful.
    Posted 4/08/2016

    The entire staff is welcoming and kind. We have had an exceptional experience here.

  • K.M.M.
    Posted 4/06/2016

    Cecilia is my second daughter to get braces with Dr Ohmart. Results have been excellent each time. They both have beautiful smiles each has come a LONG way from their starting points. Concerns along the way have been addressed thoroughly until I felt at ease with what was going on. This has been a great experience as much as orthodontia can be,).

  • Lisa W.
    Posted 3/02/2016

    Very friendly and everyone is always in a great mood.

  • Best Orthodontist hands Dow
    Posted 2/26/2016

    Love all of the people here. They are all friendly, patient, and kind.

  • T. Krause
    Posted 2/21/2016

    Continually steers us in reasonable and trusted paths for kids teeth.

  • Anita Glatz
    Posted 2/19/2016

    Always on time and courteous!!! I so appreciate that. You are all very professional and efficient!

  • Thank you (:
    Posted 2/18/2016

    You guys were so awesome. Thank you for making my experience with braces so easy.

  • Nice office!
    Posted 1/27/2016

    These guys are great, and Dr. Ohmart has a really good rapport with his patients. My son loved his sense of humor.

  • T.L.
    Posted 12/20/2015

    This office is absolutely wonderful, thank you for all of your help with Madison’s braces.

  • Lily L.
    Posted 12/12/2015

    Everyone always seems so legitimately happy to be doing their job. So friendly!

  • N.H.
    Posted 12/03/2015

    The Staff is wonderful at Dr. Ohmart’s!! Always a pleasure working with everyone here!

  • Michelle R.
    Posted 11/27/2015

    Wow my teeth never looked so good, you rock dr. Ohmart.

  • Stephanie Downs
    Posted 11/19/2015

    Dr Ohmart and his staff are great! This has been a great experience got both my boys. Dr. Ohmart made this really simple and both boys were done in a year and a half. I would highly recommend this practice!

  • Linda s.
    Posted 10/28/2015

    I only had lower braces with dr. Ohmart, but the result was amazing.

  • Two thumbs up
    Posted 10/22/2015

    Finished with Invisalign, what a great alternative to braces!

  • Jen McGoff
    Posted 7/18/2015

    Dr. Ohmart and his staff are absolutely wonderful! My 2nd round of braces turned out to be a great experience and I cannot wait to see the finished results.

  • S.C.R.
    Posted 7/16/2015

    Very professional! Provided instructions well after appointments, etc. All the staff were friendly and helpful throughout treatment!

  • C.P.
    Posted 7/16/2015

    We have never had a bad experience here. The staff is always friendly. It really feels like a family oriented business. The contests are fun also. .

  • L.M.
    Posted 7/01/2015

    You have a great office- from receptionists on through, everyone is kind and courteous and professional. Hard to do that… Good job!!

  • Chloe Fields
    Posted 5/23/2015

    Dr. Ohmart and his staff are top notch! My two kids have been through braces now and we have loved the way we are treated here. We also enjoy the new addition of Dr. Beebe, he has been fantastic with helping finish my daughters treatment! Thank you to all!

  • D.H.
    Posted 5/13/2015

    Dr. Ohmart always asks my opinion with how my teeth are looking or areas that are bothering me, as well as giving his opinion. I appreciate how much he listens.

  • Good
    Posted 5/13/2015

    About the only thing I would like to see is more flexibility in appointment time, but it was not a problem.

  • Great Experience
    Posted 5/13/2015

    You all have made the braces experience as good as it can be. Thank you so much for the excellent care.

  • Amazing…to say the least
    Posted 5/13/2015

    Dr.Ohmart is amazing! He has made the whole process with braces a great experience. My daughter is younger and has needed a lot of work. He has made her feel at ease explaining every detail and really taking the time to listen to her as well…he even includes a joke every now and then, which we appreciate :).

  • Kristi Guyer
    Posted 5/13/2015

    The staff is very kind, efficient and accomodating.

  • Shanyn
    Posted 5/13/2015

    Always made kids and parents feel comfortable whether it was an initial consult, adjustment or otherwise. The staff has been excellent at answering questions and at a level that my daughter understood as well as the parents.

  • Letts Get Straight Teeth
    Posted 5/13/2015

    Dr. Ohmart has so much swag, it’s hard to handle. In the future y’all should warn your customers beforehand. Taylor is so swift. #nice Kim should become a kardashian because she is so amazing. And Elisa should just let it go… because she is a princess. Karen is great at sharing. Jill has fierce ortho skill. Collette is my favorite.

  • Barb p.
    Posted 5/02/2015

    We have been in dr. Ohmart office for years with our kids and we always have had a great experience. .

  • Thanks for everything
    Posted 5/02/2015

    Our youngest just got her braces off. It’s been an enjoyable journey with Dr. Ohmart, and we have enjoyed seeing the same familiar, smiling faces at each visit.

  • Annie Bitsie
    Posted 4/30/2015

    All three of my children as well as myself had braces with Dr. Ohmart. All three experiences were great. We had wonderful results and love the staff. Always friendly, professional and helpful.

  • J. Minardi
    Posted 1/03/2015

    We have had a great experience with Dr. Ohmart. We appreciate the fact that he is more conservative about when to actually put braces on a child. It was great to only have to deal with braces once, as opposed to doing 2 phases,.

  • Mater Family
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Top notch!!! Great with the boys and very timely and professional office.

  • Awesome place!
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Loved the experience, the people were awesome and would defiantly recommend them.

  • Kate
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Our kids have both gone through braces with Dr. Ohmart and we have sent many friends and neighbors his way. Everyone there is really friendly and always remember us by name.

  • This is an Extraordinary Orthodontic Practice!!
    Posted 1/03/2015

    I have only had the most professional and polite experiences with Dr. Ohmart and his wonderful staff. I was nervous at first about having braces, especially as an adult. However, I was quickly put at ease and I can say the whole experience was painless and exactly what I hoped it would be.

  • Julie B.
    Posted 1/03/2015

    While the braces themselves were not the most exciting thing in the world, Dr. Ohmart made it as enjoyable as possible with all the contests and incentives. The result = beautiful, straight teeth!

  • Rachel Horton
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Thank you dr. Ohmart and staff for taking such good care of my daughters smile. We had such a great experience we will be telling all of our neighbors to come to your office.

  • Amber
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Jon’s braces are coming off today and we could not be happier. Dr. Ohmart’s office is great!

  • Kim M
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Dr Ohmart and his team are wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Sean McGraw
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Great experience! My daughter enjoyed the entire staff.

  • Jo taylor
    Posted 1/03/2015

    My daughter and I have always found the staff and Ohmart himself to be very welcoming, considerate and thoughtful.

  • Terri n.
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Let the sun shine on my pearly whites, you are so awesome dr. Ohmart .

  • Laurie Eldridge
    Posted 1/03/2015

    My daughter has loved Dr Ohmart and all the ladies in his office-very friendly and easy-going. She especially likes Dr Ohmart’s silly sense of humor.

  • Tyler
    Posted 1/03/2015

    I just got my braces off and my teeth are so straight, I cannot wait to show the kids!

  • Jon. H
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Vacation time without braces, dr.ohmart thanks so much .

  • Sarah O.
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Holy straight teeth batman, dr. Ohmart is a super hero if he could fix my jacked up grill!

  • M.S.
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Dr. Ohmart is great. Everyone always had big smiles even at 7:30 in the morning!

  • T.Y.
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Jenni loved coming here for her braces. She got to choose different colors each time and they had a great incentive program where she earned wooden nickels that she turned in for a gift card.

  • Angel
    Posted 1/03/2015

    Very impressed with this office, everything seems to run so smoothly. We have recommended Dr. Ohmart to all of our friends and neighbors.

  • Highly recommended
    Posted 1/03/2015

    The service is friendly and professional, we could not be happier.

  • A.C.
    Posted 1/03/2015

    We just finished our 3rd and last child with Dr. Ohmart. We have been impressed with everything about this office and have sent many of our friends and neighbors to them.

  • Thank you Ohmart orthodontics
    Posted 1/03/2015

    My son liked this office and always looked forward to coming to his appointments.