Do Braces Work Faster on Kids?

Braces are used to correct various dental issues such as crooked teeth, overbites and underbites, and other alignment problems.

One common question is whether braces work faster on children compared to adults. The short answer is generally yes, but several factors contribute to this outcome. However, an ortho in Aurora will better answer this question based on your child’s age.

Physiological Difference

Bone Density and Flexibility

In children, the bones in the jaw and mouth are still growing and more malleable. This flexibility allows for quicker and more efficient movement of teeth into the desired positions. As the bones are not fully hardened, orthodontic adjustments can be made more easily and with less resistance compared to adults.

Adults have denser and more mature bone structures, making the process of moving teeth slower and sometimes more painful. The rigidity of adult bones means that more force may be required to move teeth, and this can extend the duration of treatment.


Adherence to Treatment Plans

Children are often more compliant with wearing their braces and following orthodontic instructions due to parental supervision. This can include wearing elastics, avoiding foods that could damage braces, and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Adults might struggle more with compliance due to busy schedules, lifestyle choices, or simply forgetting. Non-compliance can lead to prolonged treatment times and potentially less effective results.

Lifestyle Factor

Diet and Oral Hygiene

Parents can more easily control and modify their children’s diets to ensure they avoid sticky or hard foods that can damage braces. They also often enforce good oral hygiene habits, which helps prevent complications like cavities or gum disease that can prolong treatment.

Adults may find it more challenging to alter their diets and maintain rigorous oral hygiene, which can lead to additional dental issues that need to be addressed before or during orthodontic treatment, thereby extending the overall duration.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) advises parents to take children to their first Aurora ortho evaluation by the age of seven. Early assessment can help identify potential issues and allow for timely intervention, which can prevent more serious problems from developing and reduce the overall treatment time.

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